The most-watched Netflix movie on its way to surpassing Stranger Things

Netflix is ​​constantly updating its billboard, and the recently released movie is the most watched in Argentina. Discover.

Interceptor is the movie that Netflix Which premiered on May 4 and in a few days became the most watched in Argentina. However, at the general top, he’s still in the back Weird things. I know what it’s about.

The most-watched Netflix movie on its way to surpassing Stranger Things

The story stars Lieutenant J.J. Collins, who is left in charge of a remote missile interception station. She is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after being accidentally fired from her dream job at the Pentagon.

When a station coordinator attack threatens, Collins comes face to face with a former US intelligence officer who is trying to carry out an unimaginable plan. With time running out, Collins must use his years of tactical training and military experience to determine who he can trust and prevent him from completing his terrifying and sinister mission.


Interceptor Summary

In a remote defensive base, the last female standing officer is fighting the battle of her life against terrorists who are targeting the United States with stolen nuclear weapons.

interceptor cast

  • Elsa Pataky
  • Luke Bracey
  • Aaron Glenn
  • Mainmehta
  • Reese Muldoon
  • Belinda gumboy
  • Colin Frils
  • Zoe Karides

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