They offer admission to medicine with a strict protocol

With the launch of Operation Health Security, more than 1,500 applicants will submit the pending assessment from last year today in the morning in order to enter the UNT School of Medicine. Due to restrictions imposed by the epidemic last year, those who registered were unable to take the exam.

The placement test will be taken in person, from 9 to 12 in two clubs in the capital, Central Cordoba and Caja Popular de Ahorros, both located in Bolivar at 1300 hours.

The operation will mobilize about 150 security and health personnel, as part of a coordinated process between the Medical College of the National Union of Workers through the Dean Matteo MartinezAnd the Ministries of Health and Safety with the municipality of the capital. The goal is for everyone to be able to perform while avoiding the risk of infection with the Coronavirus.

Applicants must appear at the time specified by the planned arrival. They should wear a mask or alcohol gel and mask as well as the office supplies needed to take the written test. All this was detailed in the documents that were sent to the test registrants. Families are advised not to accompany applicants to avoid overcrowding.

The operation will include roadblocks, police checkpoints, traffic reorganization, identity checks, sanitation measures, and emergency ambulance centers in coordination with the fever clinic organized by Siprosa.

Similar processes will also be carried out in Santa Maria, where 39 applicants will be submitted and in Salta 990. In total, 2,500 people will appear to take entrance examinations.

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The written test consists of 55 items with four options each, only one of which is the correct answer. With the four content areas arranged in the following order: 10 elements for comprehending the text; 15 subjects in biology, 15 subjects in chemistry, and 15 subjects in mathematics with physical elements. Applicant must pass the test with 60% or more correct answers in each content area. The recovery copy will be reported next week.

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