WhatsApp’s new function to not leave unread messages: how it works and when it will be implemented

The WhatsApp It is undoubtedly the most widely used messaging network in the world And although it has competitors who repeat some ways of use, it always strives to innovate in experiences for users and A new tool will be released soon.

As revealed by the portal WABetaInfoAnd The WhatsApp It will launch an update whose main objective is to rank the messages that enter by creating different categories So as not to get distracted at first and read all duly.

Once all the app’s internal software updates are done, it will be up and running, for both android Like iOSthe new way that It will have four categories to separate messages depending on the identity that each user wants to provide.

WhatsApp’s new function to not leave unread messages: how it works and when it will be implemented

Chats will then be created in the following groups:

  • everyone.
  • not read.
  • Work crew.
  • a job.

In this way, the current method where there are no categories will be out of axis and sometimes it happens that chats are lost because the beginning appears and there are only category separators. “States” and “Calls”.

thus The WhatsApp This new method that can be enabled will be activated by a simple update implemented from the store of each device.

When can the new WhatsApp function be used to separate messages?

Although this new methodology has already been confirmed to each user, at the moment there is no official launch date due Trial periods are still running.

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on his part since then The WhatsApp Will report for sure when the new tool will arrive to rearrange the start of all conversations for Allows the recipient of the message to read it.

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