A player in Minecraft invents a way to find out what villagers are talking about with each other

The Minecraft data pack provides snacks to the villagers.

Minecraft Villagers, conniving to sell you things you don’t need

Minecraft Villagers have been with us at Mojang for many years now, and although they’ve evolved with the game, the truth is that they’re still a bit cute. so by saying, Everyone has a job tangible and they sell you stuff, but most of the time they are just Walk around and make noise Or run when they see some danger. The reason why a Minecraft fan created the path to You know what the villagers are talking about When we only hear onomatopoeia.

Although Mojang is very active in terms of spreading the news that in just a few days Minecraft version 1.20 will arrive, it is the community of players that often dares the most creative and transgressive content. like him Data pack of snacks for villagersTo see what they’re talking about.

Minecraft villagers with the best conversation

As we can see in the forums redditit is made by user Lifeely_ and it exists It is still under development, but when you’re done, the goal is to pop a speech bubble next to each villager to see what they’re talking about. It works through the Minecraft data package for Mojang’s Java version of the game.

I’m working on a data package where villagers talk to each other through speech bubbles! 1.19.4
byu / life_ inMaine Craft

In the comments box, we can see the creator of this post stating that another idea these sandwiches work too Know what is the job of each villager And not just make up the conversations they have with each other. He also confirms that it will be dynamic system It will change based on upcoming events. Imagine a villager sees you stealing wheat from the garden and tells the next-door neighbor, or a creeper comes and takes half of the house in front. These types of events can theoretically change the topic of conversation.

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It seems like the community of Minecraft players just can’t stop creating, like that group of users who turned the game into a role-playing server recreating Fallout New Vegas.

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