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The emoji They are beautiful faces, objects, homes, or things that express themselves through The WhatsApp without words. Clearly and consistently, they reveal the mood of the wearer. It is assumed that there are more than 3000 traders. This is one of many “beautiful girl” From the popular app, where they can also use stickers, gifs, photos or videos.

Coming back to emoticons, one of the most used emoticons is the smile, which shows good mood, sympathy or admiration. however, Another one of the more sending is the one with the same base but with a drop of sweat dripping down the left side. what does it mean? It simply refers to a situation that started but eventually had a happy ending. Said in creole, it could be the famous “let’s go.” For example, if someone bought a gift for your girlfriend, but you weren’t sure if she would like it or not, and in the end she loved it, then this little face fits the bill.

The smiling face with a drop of sweat is one of the favorites of WhatsApp users.

In addition, it can be used to indicate that a person is feeling nervous or afraid that a situation is approaching, such as when there is a role with the doctor in a particular problem.

In addition to, At the beginning of September The WhatsApp About 200 new arrivals emoji , which will be available to anyone for whom the latest update has been downloaded. small face Whoever performs the military salute, hands that make up a heart (in style pregnant , a survival bag, a “bowling ball”, a mouthful of nibblers, a crutch and some kind of kidnapper.Among the most prominent is Angel Di Maria ), Person

These are some new emojis.

Some may think that the company has a person locked in a room and thinking of new codes, but the truth is that There is a subcommittee on Unicode emojis dedicated to reviewing and sifting through proposals and ideas from companies, social networks and other apps to introduce new apps. Any new additions are decided upon by this group and none are left to chance.

Additionally, with This update can also interact with messages, which is very common for example on Instagram. Instagram. Simply by pressing and holding a text, photo, video, sticker or gif and You want a video, poster, or gif, and list of “quick reactions” in which Each user will be able to choose from a series of emojis, to select the one that most closely matches the conversation. Emojis, to identify the person most in tune with the conversation. This will come in handy for people who are in a hurry or who simply prefer to skip 457 groups and message respondents in this way.

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