EA is investigating whether employees sold FIFA 21 cards

This FIFA 21 content creator has started a thread on his account revealing the conversations he had with a Turkish second-tier player, who will act as a mediator with an employee of Electronic Arts.

Among the pictures and statements made by Dombia, we find that this unknown Turkish league player offers three Moments icons for 1100. euro. If the number reaches 1,500 euros, two TOTY copies can be obtained.

However, this soccer player would be a mediator because, according to him, an EA employee would be responsible for providing these packages and would get 1.000 euros Of those processes. According to information provided by Doumbia, this practice has been going on for years. After displaying the content the company obtained, it responded with, “We’re investigating.”

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It provides a FUT mode for players FIFA The opportunity to create and improve the template by having cards purchased with real money. In theory, the best performers and the highest scores are less likely to appear in the packs being sold. Although there are other ways to get it.

Complaints have swirled against EA Sports FIFA employees selling rare cards and custom packages on social media. On Twitter, the supposed conversations were shared with an employee providing a full sample of the rates ranging from 750 thousand euros.

The scandal became public when Kurt0411Fifa posted on social networks a video showing his negotiations with a broker to obtain a package costing 1,000 euros and another screenshot of selling the cards for 1,700 euros.

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