WhatsApp launches a function to use passkeys and verify user identity

Fingerprint or face scan will be the methods users will have to verify their identity when logging into WhatsApp. (Photo: iProfessional)

New update for WhatsApp It will allow users to use the passkey feature to verify their data identification When you sign in to your accounts and provide greater protection in case your devices are stolen or lost. This way, only the owner of the profile will have access to the messages stored in it.

The new feature being officially launched will bring a new layer of… protection In addition to other items that are currently active so that users have more resources to protect against them Cafe attack Or in some cases the acting to His identity Connected.

Even before this new feature was released, WhatsApp They had to enter the password using their keyboards on a computer screen. cell phone To log in to the platform Goal. With the passkey function, this information will be more private because users will instead be able to associate access to their profiles with their own accounts. Biometric informationLike them Fingerprints Or wipe their faces.

This will prevent, for example, Cyber ​​criminals They can type in different combinations of passwords until they find the access code used by the account owner. Plus, by not having to enter one, your bill will be lower exhibition In cases like data leakage (especially if the profile owner is using the same passwords Indifferent social networks).

Fingerprint or face scan will be the methods users will have to verify their identity when logging into WhatsApp. (Wapita Info)

As an additional measure, access keys synchronized with this option can also be added to the password management service of Google Or any other official used by the account holder and working to block him Unauthorized entry. Users will also be able to deactivate this function as it is actually optional for those who wish to have it.

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In case users wish to change their login password, they will also be able to do so as they will be able to control their information at all times even when Passkey active. For reasons protectionThe only prerequisite is to verify your identity before starting the editing process.

To access this new feature, users must follow these steps:

– Enter the application WhatsApp Click on the menu button at the top right of the screen.

– Click on the option Settings.

– Select the account option and enter the section Passkey. In this section you can enable or disable its use.

If the user wants to know if he already has access to this feature, he must follow the previous steps.

Fingerprint or face scan will be the methods users will have to verify their identity when logging into WhatsApp. (Getty Images)

If you can’t access the new feature WhatsAppthis could mean one of these situations: the app version is not the latest or the feature has not yet arrived in the user’s region/country.

In this case it will be necessary to search “WhatsApp“In your cell phone app store and check that option”to updateBelow the platform name. If it is displayed, you should tap it and wait for the update to finish downloading and installing before trying again to see if the new functionality is enabled.

Once process to update, the account holder can try to access Passkey again. If this is not possible, the problem is availability in the region or country. In this case, it will only be necessary to wait and see the latest updates for to request.

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