What’s the topic of “Twitter Spaces”, the soundrooms that are coming to Android

Twitter has expanded its experience in live voice chatting Twitter Spaces, similar to the popular audio social network Clubhouse, and is now available in beta for Android mobile users.

Twitter Spaces was announced in November and in December 2020 began testing among Apple’s iOS phone users, at that time among a reduced number of users in beta, although the functionality has now been expanded to include more communities on the platform.

Twitter has now announced the arrival of beta Spaces for Android devices as well. From the next few days, Users with access to the beta will be able to listen and speak in the conversations Across Spaces, the potential to be a host will arrive “in the short term,” according to the social network.

Spaces offers a process similar to that of the audio social network that started the trend, Clubhouse, and allows for live, host-led voice chats that you can participate in as a parent, speaker, or listener.

It is possible to join a space on Android through the purple aura displayed on a line FleetsBy touch to join, or also via a shared link via Tweets or direct messages, for example.

People who also use Android They can use emojis To respond and view translations and receive invitations to speak in a space.

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Other upcoming updates include the ability to see who is in the user space, as well as putting a name or address in the space to add context for members who want to join.

Undo sending tweets

The social network Twitter is testing a new button that will allow to undo a tweet a user has just posted, a function that can only be used within a certain period of time.

The new feature is shown in a small window after the post is sent, as reverse engineering expert Jin Manchun Wong shared her social network profile.

As posted by TN, you see in the window the notification “Your Tweet has been sent” and underneath a blue button with the word “Undo” (undo). This button displays a dark blue progress bar, indicating when the user should undo submitting the Tweet.

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