WhatsApp: How to customize the icon with a birthday hat

Put a Christmas hat on WhatsApp (Image: Twitter / @QuintoENews)

fans birthdayThis is your time to put in a little christmas hat the icon from him The WhatsApp And keep up with the times. Then we will tell you the steps you need to follow to make it happen.

thanks for the The WhatsAppDespite its shortcomings and functionality inferior to those of Telegram, it is still the favorite and popular, so there are those who are responsible for studying it to modify it.

On this occasion, some developers are helping users to take advantage of the messaging app and Personalize with a Christmas hat Through a secondary application. What to do is the following:

-First you have to go to a search engine like Google or Safari to find one WhatsApp image with Christmas hat In the form of beng.

The traditional WhatsApp logo (Image: WhatsApp)
The traditional WhatsApp logo (Image: WhatsApp)

-When you find one you like, you should download and save it.

-The next step is Descargar In the App Store Nova Launcher (It should be noted that it is only available on the Play Store so iOS users will not be able to do customization).

-After downloading it, you must open the application and agree to the terms.

Then you must search for the WhatsApp application and press it for a few seconds until the selection is made Modification.

By choosing this option, you can Change app icon And select the previously downloaded PNG image.

-Finally you should click Saving changes This will change the WhatsApp icon.

Christmas Emoji (Photo Pixabay)
Christmas Emoji (Photo Pixabay)

to Restore the original look From the Meta platform, all you have to do is uninstall the Nova Launcher app. Likewise, if you want to place another image, you have to follow the same procedure as Google Image search and download the preferred image in PNG format.

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Unlike the third popcorn option for each screenshot, the novelty you can do Reply to messages From WhatsApp, Shared by WABetaInfo, Which has reliable information on this topic.

The platform indicated that it will be Version which is still in its beta version so far, i.e. in tests, and will not be officially released to all users until this end.

In the photo, the WhatsApp logo (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDOON / File)
In the photo, the WhatsApp logo (Photo: EFE / EPA / IAN LANGSDOON / File)

Estimated to be like Instagram and Facebook chatsWhich actually allows you to interact, you can make use of the emoji by holding the message for a few seconds and then choosing laughter, anger, sadness, etc.

By 2022, it is expected to be dead Include kit Updates For users to enjoy new conveniences, such as the ability to Logoff. This functionality is still being tested.

It is also appreciated that WhatsApp will integrate an option clone rollers From Instagram, as part of keeping everything connected to your apps. Is to remember that the goal Mark Zuckerberg It is to achieve cross-platform functionality.

Image of a mobile phone bearing the logo of the technological application WhatsApp (Image: EFE / Marcelo Sayão / File)
Image of a mobile phone bearing the logo of the technological application WhatsApp (Image: EFE / Marcelo Sayão / File)

Starting the following year, those who accidentally sent a message and wish to delete it will be able to do so at any time. Users currently only have 68 hours to express their regrets trusses and delete it.

the Threads. a few months ago, WABetaInfo You mentioned that the app was working to allow users to change the color of some interface elements, such as the highlight color displayed on buttons and text.

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The WhatsApp in 2014 Through the popular social media service Facebook social networking site, recently consolidated as dead, a company created and founded by programmer and entrepreneur Mark Zuckerberg. Intentions to standardize their programs have been announced on frequent occasions; The purpose is user interaction.

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