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Entrepreneur, politician, and sports leader is Paz, who has led Albus to four international titles. The club’s stadium is named after him.

Rodrigo Paz Delgado died on Tuesday, August 17, in Tampa, United Statess. He was a businessman, politician and The historical leader of the Liga de Quito, Which led to the peak of his popularity and earning International achievements in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

to me 87 yearsOne of the complications in his health killed him President Emeritus of Los Albus. He has been his main promoter and main head of construction for the stadium that bears his name since 2017.

His name and photo are associated with the Spanish League. Paz was one of the guides to change the course of the university club and was close to the league in achieving all its titles, As part of the guide Or as an advisor to those who led the enterprise In the fourteen domestic crowns and four international that remain in their vaults.

Albo joined the club as an alternate memberBy chance in 1955, after arriving as an attendant to a meeting to elect the Board of Directors. “Choose me and This is how my life in the league beganAs a youth manager, I then went to the senior staff, being the treasurer, the delegate, the vice president, and finally the president,” Buzz recalls in his profile.

Baz was too He proposed creating what is now known as the High Performance League Center, in Pomasqui, and league club, Space for members of the institution.

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As a white captain, he took control of the Football Committee, and from there Negro Paz has always been close to his team, It was remembered as the “highest moment” of the Copa Libertadores achieving in 2008 after beating Fluminense in the legendary Maracana in the last series, the first international title for an Ecuadorean team.

addresses Recopa Sudamericana 2009, Copa América In the same year and the second Recoba in 2010. He was runner-up in the 2008 Club World Cup after losing to Manchester United in the final.

as a leader was The promoter of Albo Stadium, a business that began in 1995 It ended two years later. Since its opening, the stage has been known as the White House On June 12, 2017, he officially changed to Rodrigo Paz DelgadoIn recognition of the pioneering work of its honorary president.

“It’s something I didn’t expectBaz said In revealing the name of the stadium and The statue of the commander in the main entrance where he was immortalized. (Dr)

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