How long will it last and what is the issue that besieged the infidels?

the Series and movie platforms They are in constant motion when it comes to producing products that manage to capture subscribers' interest, especially when it comes to issues Based on real events. This is the case of Ashley Madison, which was recently released on Netflix. The production company created a documentary series that tells what happened with the dating app Connected And the scandal that overshadowed it. As expected, and She's already put herself in summit Most viewed.

The documentary is directed by Toby Paton, and consists of Three episodes, each 50 minutes long Where what happened in the first decade of the twenty-first century is narrated in the first person.

Production is available on the platform From May 15, 2024 And It has become very popular on social networks Many were not aware of this issue that shook the United States.

It arrived

“The Ashley Madison Affair” has arrived on Netflix and is already at the top of the ratings

Since its recent premiere, the production has given something to talk about His amazing account of events And how the people who were part of the dating company were exposed and involved. The story tells of the event that marked the before and after regarding shyness and modesty when relating sexually and emotionally via social networks.

application Ashley madison The partner search interface was not simple: it was intended to be used by committed people, and its main purpose was to enable married people to have an “affair.” In other words: it was a platform to “cheat.” In this way, It has achieved more than 37 million users…But that wasn't the distinguishing feature.

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The controversial thing about this case is that the organization was against a goal program completion To hack Your database and He threatened to expose them if the platform was not deactivated. Due to the company's managers not responding, the information of more than 30 million people was spread across the Internet: personal data, contact information, and photos of people who had used the app to betray were exposed for all to see.

“The Ashley Madison Affair” on Netflix reflects on how it was the hack that exposed the cheaters’ data

As a result, complaints of fraud and damages against app owners have been inundated Ashley madison For which he had to pay a total 11 million US dollars to many affected people. But the platform did not disappear. Changed owners are promoted as “The number one dating app” Of the world it claims to be More than 80 million users In several countries today.

Documentary director Toby Paton says he tried to approach the story in the most balanced way possible and avoid moralizing posturing. “Rather than berating people who joined Ashley Madison, we were more interested in understanding why they were drawn to the site. What are you looking at? What was going on in your relationships? And most importantly: what version of your partner is you? Patton says, in data collected by Netflix.

Poster for the documentary about Poster for the documentary about

Poster for the documentary about the “Ashley Madison Case” that has already arrived on Netflix

And it reflects: “We all know that infidelity can be incredibly devastating and painful. But at the same time, the fact that Ashley Madison has 37 million members tells us something else we all know: committing to one person for life is really hard. till this day It is not known who the author – or authors – of the book are the pirate That shook the foundations of millions of couples.

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