What happens to your cell phone if you leave it charging overnight

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Charging and discharging habits affect the life span. Faced with a lot of contradictory information, what to do.

The drums from cell phone It is one of the most important components of the device. It is usually the main reason for users to change it. And one of the big questions that still remains over time is If it’s ok or not, let it load all night long.

The problem is that the answer to this question is not so simple over time because with the development of technology some problems change in addition to the emergence of new treatments Like calibration.

In this case, one of the key elements of deciding how to charge a phone is to understand the advances that have been made in recent years and what protection phones currently offer. batteries.

Smartphones are designed with protective mechanisms to keep them safe critical And other safe ingredients inside. In fact, one of the things that can damage phones is overheating, as a lot of concern about charging arises during battery life. night.

When we connect a phone, the first thing that happens is to activate fast charging: if additional charging is needed because there is not much time to fully charge it, this becomes very useful. However, after a while, charging will slow down and stop completely when it reaches 100%.

The problem is that when it stays connected and continues to charge, which is inevitable if it has been charged overnight, the device turns off when it arrives. to 100% to go down to 99, It absorbs more energy again, hits 100% again, and back again to a steady iteration cycle.

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This entire cycle repeats until it is unplugged: it will never overheat, but it will waste energy on proces in the episode meaningless.

Charge it overnight: yes or no?

Mobile phone battery Photo: shutterstock

Charging your phone overnight isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But you have to consider some issues so as not to damage the useful life of the battery, and due to its temporary nature, from the phone itself.

Now, both Android and iPhone have a function that must be checked to ensure that it is activated to protect the device.

As of iOS 13 2019, iPhones have the “Optimized battery charging When enabled, the phone will stay around 80% for most of the night.

This is done through an algorithm that “learns” what time you wake up from your daily routine and takes that information to fully charge it at the time you’ll unplug the phone. Thus, the phone will have an extension 100% load without cycle repetition between 99 and 100 previously mentioned.

"Optimized battery charging"-Key to scheduling nighttime charging.  apple pictures
“Optimum battery charge”, night charge programming key. apple pictures

Android devices basically have the same feature. The names change, but they are intuitively similar (on the outside, OnePlus calls it “Optimum chargingand Google Pixeladaptive chargingSamsung Galaxy devices, one of the best-selling devices in the region along with Motorola, allows you to limit the battery to 85% all the time.

The latter responds to the fact that manufacturers say that between 820 and 100% for the phone is an optimal charge for work. The battery charges quickly up to 80% in most of the popular phones. Between 80% and 100%, the device modifies the current it receives to extend its useful life, thus avoiding overloads.

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What happens if I charge it to 100%?

Charging the battery fully, as described above, is not a problem for a cell phone. What is the problem, of course, is incurred in the constant charge-discharge cycle.

Regarding the percentage of charges, Apple and some Android manufacturers have certain functions to keep the charge between 80 and 100%. 100%. This is to maintain that perfect range, they explain.

usb c connector photo: shutterstock
usb c connector photo: shutterstock

Another problem that is not simple is that you have to make sure that the device has room to “breathe”. That is, it should not have anything above or below it, such as a stack of books, as this makes it difficult for the phone to remove the heat.

However, using a phone inevitably degrades its battery.

However, by following these rules and a few tips, you can extend how long it lasts.

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