Pope Francis expressed concern about the “situation in Nicaragua”, without mentioning the arrest of Bishop Rolando Alvarez.

Francis expressed his concern without mentioning the arrest of Bishop Rolando Alvarez

This Sunday, Pope Francis expressed Anxiety and pain for the situation in Nicaragua He called for an “open and honest dialogue” so that “the foundations of peaceful coexistence and respect can be found.”

In an appeal at the conclusion of the Angels Prayer in Saint Peter’s Square, Pope Francis did not mention The Archbishop of Matagalpa, Rolando Alvarez, arrested on Fridayby police officers.

I follow closely, with concern and pain, the situation that has arisen in Nicaragua and is affecting people and institutions. I would like to express my conviction and hope that through open and honest dialogue the foundations for peaceful coexistence and respect can be found.The Pope said from To this day he has not talked about the situation in Nicaragua.

The Pope also asked the Lord that “through the intercession that the Immaculate (as the Virgin of Nicaragua is known) This concrete will inspires in the hearts of all parties“.

Rolando Alvarez arrested

Alvarez, bishop of the diocese of Matajalpa and apostolic administrator of the diocese of Esteli, both in northern Nicaragua, was Arrested on Friday inside the Regional Episcopal PalaceWith five priests, two seminarians and a photographer after being imprisoned for 15 days.

Alvarez is one of the most critical voices in the Catholic hierarchy in Nicaragua. His sermons frequently criticize human rights abuses, religious persecution, and abuse of power.

The National Police, led by Francisco Diaz, son-in-law of President Daniel Ortega, confirmed that it carried out an operation at dawn in the Matagalpa Episcopal pasture. Alvarez and his associates were removed against their will, then transferred to Managua.

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The arrest of Alvarez, preceded by the arrest of three priests, was the latest chapter in Relations between the Catholic Church in Nicaragua and the Sandinistas were strained, led by President Daniel Ortega.

Nicaraguans protest against the silence of Pope Francis (Reuters)
Nicaraguans protest against the silence of Pope Francis (Reuters)

The same leader described the Nicaraguan bishops who acted as mediators in a national dialogue that sought a peaceful solution to the crisis that Nicaragua has been experiencing since April 2018 as “terrorists”.

Cardinal of Nicaragua Leopoldo Berenice opinion “deteriorated“To the bishop after visiting him.”Although his physical condition has deteriorated, his spirits and spirits are strongThis was confirmed by the Archdiocese of Managua, led by Cardinal Berenice, in a public statement.

According to the diocese, Alvarez told the Nicaraguan Cardinal “Their confidence in everyone’s prayer in the face of this difficult situation we live in in church communion“.

Realizing that prayer is the strength of a Christian, we invite you to continue to beg Christ for intercession and to watch over His little flock.“, Call.

On Monday, August 1, Ortega’s system ordered Seven Catholic centers closed Police forces raided the Church of Nino Jesus de Braga, in the city of Cepaco, with the aim of seizing Catholic radio equipment that was operating there.

(With information from EFE)

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