WhatsApp: What is the meaning of the orange light that appears above the chat and what is its purpose?

Existing An orange light that appears when a conversation is taking place The WhatsApp That some people do not know what it is about or at what moments it jumps. In connection with this, the application has released some news that little by little its use and what it means is becoming known.

WhatsApp launched “channels”: how the new tool works and what it is for

WhatsApp, the main instant messaging platform, which has been working on this since February, has launched a new function: “Channels”.

One of the new tools The WhatsApp Included in its updates in recent weeks is the ability to edit some messages already sent, even though they have been read. This way you can also include both files under 2GB in weight and stickers for the amusement of other members of the group.

however, There is an orange light that catches some users’ attention When you are chatting with other people it appears in the right corner of the smart phone. It is necessary to clarify It is not a hardware or platform issue.

WhatsApp: What does the orange light mean, where did it come from and why?

In addition, there is the possibility to disable it so that you never have to see it again thus eliminating any doubts regarding this notification, other than the fact that it has nothing to do with data theft or malicious actions.

What does the orange light on WhatsApp mean?

When someone installs The WhatsAppIn order to be able to access personal information that is granted to the company, you are asked for a series of permissions. These accesses are intended to use your cell phone’s camera and microphone, see your contacts, and control some of the other notifications that appear.

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Now this little orange circle It appears every time we use phonemes, it means that the microphone is recording what you say. In case you want to deactivate it, you have to go to Settings, then to Apps and search for that app. In Permissions, you will have to touch Permissions and tap on the Microphone button.

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