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Did you know that puzzles can help stimulate your brain and improve your performance?

In fact, it is a great alternative to improve some visual and cognitive skills, as during the development of these games the participants are encouraged to use one of the most important skills to the maximum, not only for challenges but also for everyday life. , note.

It is important to mention that consideration is not the same as observation, because observation is the perception of every object or element in the environment, after looking at which it is analyzed and thought logically in order to reach a conclusion. As a famous investigator said You see, but you don’t notice. This in fact is that you must understand what you see in order to think about it later.

What is this viral challenge?

It’s a simple challenge, but at the same time fun, and it’s sweeping across different social networks. The image you created Cool teacher It shows us a grid full of numbers, among this string of numbers there is a complete number, your duty is to find it before the specified time.

Remember that these visual games are created to improve the user’s abilities and vision, so we recommend that you pay attention and have the highest speed to find the number, the better time you have, the closer you will be to being a genius at Puzzles visuals.

Correctly solve the visual challenge

What is the purpose of this challenge?: Find the number 139

How much time is available on the watch?: only 4 seconds

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picture: Cool teacher

Did you manage to find the indicated number?

We know that yes, you are a great observer who analyzed the image well and managed to find the target before the time limit.

Where is the number 139 hidden?

The answer to this riddle is detailed in the image below.

picture: Cool teacher

Did you like the puzzle? Enjoy every visual challenge that is constantly being published in EnseƱame de Ciencia. These challenges are intended as exercises that stimulate synapses and strengthen different brain capabilities.

Share the science, share the knowledge.

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