What are the risks of separating puppies from their mother too early?

Puppies also learn valuable play skills by interacting with their mothers and siblings (Getty)

there Unfortunate habitis often performed for convenience, Puppy separation From the environment of his mother and siblings early, before he was two months old. This is one Reprehensible behavior It should not be implemented for several important reasons.

in the first place, the mom Provides basic care, e.g Breastfeeding After feeding – which ends when the pups are 30 to 35 days old – teaching takes place Social skills Very important, essential for puppy development.

Mother and siblings, if any Teach boundaries and rules of behaviorWhich contributes to its formation Balanced dogs.

It is necessary to keep the puppies with their mothers for the necessary time to ensure proper placement, and to give them the opportunity to become balanced and happy dogs in the future (Getty)

the Early separation It can be a cause of socialization and behavioral problems in the future. It is recommended to wait At least until 8 weeks of age Before separating the puppies from their mother, to make sure that they have enough time in that environment to develop basic skills and behaviors, in short as I mentioned, to learn to be well-balanced dogs.

Basically what they will achieve in that time is Prevent bite That is, measuring the response to stimuli they receive in the future without overreacting. A few weeks after birth, puppies are still physically developing and growing Breast milk Which provides essential nutrients and Immune defenses Essential for healthy growth. Separating puppies early can prevent them from obtaining these benefits, affecting their health and development.

First, the mother provides basic care, such as breastfeeding, and after breastfeeding — which ends when the puppies are 30 to 35 days old — they learn very important social skills, which are essential for the puppies’ development (Getty)

Mother and siblings play an essential role in this Social and emotional development Of puppies. The mother teaches them to interact with other dogs and understand canine communication signals. definitely, Teach them to be dogs, Something your guardian will not be able to do in the future.

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Also set boundaries and correct behavior when necessary. this Early reaction is crucial So that the puppies become socially competent dogs and are appropriately balanced in their behavior in the future.

Puppies learn too Gaming skills Very valuable interaction with their mother and siblings. Not only do they enjoy playing, but they develop motor skills, hunting and problem solving, under their mother’s close supervision and guidance.

A few weeks after birth, puppies are still developing physically and it is breast milk that provides essential nutrients and immune defenses (Getty)

In that environment puppies They learn to communicate clearly with other dogs, It is essential for its future. Separating them in advance will only mean that they lack these social skills and that they will have to face the future world with obvious disadvantages that will generate stress with negative consequences affecting their ability to adapt to a new environment.

Therefore it is necessary Keep puppies with their mothers for at least the first eight weeks of their lives To ensure proper physical, social and emotional development in this way, giving them the opportunity to become well-balanced and happy dogs in the future.

Not only do they have fun playing, they also develop motor skills

*Professor Dr. Juan Enrique Romero @drromerook is a veterinarian. Specialized in university education. Master’s degree in Psychoimmunoendocrinology. Former Director of the Small Animal School Hospital (UNLPam). University professor at several Argentine universities. International speaker.

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