What are the most expensive cities for business trips?

The United States and Switzerland are the two countries with the most expensive cities in the world for business trips, according to a study by ECA International, a consulting firm that specializes in global mobility.

New York is the most expensive city From around the world for business trips. And with a lot of difference compared to the rest of the sites, with the presence of the The average daily cost of the trip is 770 euros.
The report confirms that they Hotel costs are the main reason Why is the “city that never sleeps” always at the top of the rankings. In fact, the average daily cost of a room in a 4-star hotel is €474. That is 128 euros more than in Geneva, second in the world ranking.
United States of America It has 3 other cities in the top 10: Washington, D.C. (3rd), San Francisco (5th), and Los Angeles (7th).

Switzerland is the most expensive country in Europe

If we analyze European ranking, Switzerland It is classified as the most expensive country in the old continent for business trips.
Geneva and Zurich occupy the first two positions while Byrne It ranks fifth in the top ten in Europe.
London and Paris They occupy the third and fourth places, respectively, with prices for the most expensive hotels in the European ranking (only Geneva surpasses them).
Barcelona and Madrid They are still good cities for business travel, at more reasonable costs.
The Catalan capital is ranked 51st in the world (20th in the European ranking) and Madrid 74th (26th in the European ranking).

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Tel Aviv and Luanda, the two exceptions

In the top ten of this ranking we find only two cities outside of North America and Europe. This is the case of Tel Aviv (6th place), in Israel, and the Angolan capital, Luanda (9th place).

The absence of large Asian capitals in the top centers is striking. Hong Kong ranked 16th, Singapore 19th and Tokyo 37th, with business trips costing around €470.

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