‘We see you Russians even in the dark’: video of Ukrainian snipers shooting down a group of enemy soldiers

The Ministry of Defense published pictures of how to eliminate a group of hostile forces

An enemy group advancing on the battle line. There are five uniformed men who, though advancing cautiously, are unprotected in open ground. They turn ease. Fall first and you won’t be the last.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense A shocking video was released showing how A group of pro-Russian soldiers were killed by Ukrainian sniperswhich is fired from outside the enemy’s field of vision, in a dark field.

When the former goes down, his teammates don’t seem to understand the stakes they’ve all been in. They come closer, they help him. Realizing that he was shot, they aimed around him not knowing where the bullet came from.

The second half, the soldiers continue to stand without running away or throwing their bodies on the ground. newly When the third falls, the remaining two begin to fall back. As they were fleeing, a fourth officer was struck by a bullet.

The fifth seems to be fleeing, and if he catches up with another detachment of the same side, he will be able to tell you how he lost his entire company to the enemy.

The Ministry’s video, which has no date or location, began circulating on Twitter, where it was compared to the movie Predator, due to the viewer’s infrared vision.

See you, Russians. Even in the dark. They will not know peace until they leave UkraineThe official defense account noted.

On Thursday, the Ukrainian authorities reported that they had intercepted two missiles fired by the Russian army at the capital, Kyiv, and accused Moscow of re-attacking the city in an attempt to wear down the Ukrainian forces, after Tuesday’s intensified attack.

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Local authorities explained in a message via Telegram that “two cruise missiles were shot down” and stressed that at the moment “there is no data on injuries or damage.” “The information has been clarified,” he said.

A residential building was bombed with a missile on Tuesday (Reuters)
A residential building was bombed with a missile on Tuesday (Reuters)

For its part, the Russian authorities indicated that they shot down a drone over the Crimea, and its remains fell on the Kafa power station, according to information from the Tass news agency.

Oleg Kryuchkov, an advisor to the authorities of Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, noted that the facilities were almost undamaged and supplies were not affected.

Over the past few months, air defense systems in the region have been operational in countering attacks by Ukrainian forces as part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

(With information from Europa Press)

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