They fish for the 400-kilogram shark and it takes 45 minutes to get it on the boat Chronicle

Sydney fishermen in these hours captured a tiger shark that was underwater off the coast Australia. After going out of their way to catch it, they noticed it was just too bulky and heavy, so … They were like 45 minutes fighting with the giant beast to be able to lift it into the boat.

This animal has a weight of 394 kg and it was difficult for these men to hold it however The hardest thing was getting him on the boat To move it.

It took the Hunters about 45 minutes to deal with the giant
Shark To be able to load it onto the boat.

This is one of the best hunting seasons in the country in the past 30 years, according to statistics, although it was a year ago World Conservation Union It is considered that although this type of shark It is not in danger of extinction, a nap Threatened by these practices man made.

It is common to see these giant sharks in Australian waters and have been found in even greater weights, to the point that there are records It can weigh more than 800 kilograms, and reach almost 8 meters in length.

Fishermen weigh a tiger shark in Hacking Harbor, Australia. (Social networking site Facebook)

The image of the shark has spread almost completely without entering its captors’ boat on social networks. Before publishing, many users expressed surprise but there were also those who objected to the practice and the treatment of the animal.

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