“We have fun on the track”

Two qualifying matches were enough to position Canada as the clear favorite to win the 2023 Billie Jean King Cup. It played six matches, winning six. What are the reasons for your success? Yesterday, Leila Fernandez herself analyzed this matter.

Canada may not have been one of the most dangerous countries in the BJKC Finals, but the truth is that the team led by Heidi El Tabakh emerged as a more than strong team to fight for everything in Seville. While the qualifying rounds promised victories, there were bodies left for Spain and Poland after the attempt. A young, balanced, ambitious team, with a lot of energy when it comes to competition, with a playing style that adapts to the circumstances perfectly. Top-ranked Leyla Fernandez analyzed this good moment for the team after its victory over Magda Linette in the last match.

– A resounding victory over Lynette

“It wasn’t an easy match, there was a lot of tension, a lot of close and long matches, and they could have gone down on either side. If something else had happened in the first match, it would have definitely been different, or if you broke me in that match Second, we’ll never know. I’m very happy with the way I was able to stay calm in difficult moments and do these key matches to get the advantage. I knew from the beginning that it would be a big fight, with Magda it always is, so I don’t consider it a short match. It was longer than it looked. Maybe shorter than yesterday, but it lasted nearly two hours. Of course, for me it was particularly emotionally, mentally and physically challenging.

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– A dominant competitor

“Every time we played each other it was a three-set match, so I was happy today that I was able to get that win in two sets, and I insist again that it was a tough match. Today I was able to execute my game plan much more than other times.” “And I was able to take the lead in points much earlier than other times. I would say that today was one of the best matches I played against her, and I am happy that this moment came in an important match like this one with Poland, especially for the Canadian national team.” I don’t know if her game suits me perfectly, I just know that we always have great battles, and it’s never easy to play against her.

– the key of success

“We’re very proud, excited and happy with the way we’re playing and the chemistry the team is showing. We have a lot of people here, the staff that supports us, as well as the board and all the Canadian Tennis team in the stands cheering us on. It definitely made the difference in the two matches we played yesterday.” And today. We were able to enter the track with confidence and finish the race with confidence, which is what we wanted. “I’m very happy to see a lot of chemistry in the team, the way we have fun on the field, and the feeling that we are getting better every day.”

– The first time he reached the semi-finals since 1988

“It means the world to me, and to all of us. I’m so proud to represent Canada on court, and now that we’re in the semifinals means Canada is moving forward in tennis, that we’re producing great tennis players, that we continue to improve every year, learn from our mistakes and strive for better.” “Best for the team. We just want what the guys did, which is to win the Davis Cup. For us, winning the BJKC title would be a dream.”

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