Canada awaits the final decision of the electoral authorities and work with the next government nndc | Peru

On Thursday, the Canadian Embassy in Peru considered that the second round of the presidential election was a “free, fair and open” process, and expressed its support for the work of the National Office for Electoral Processes (ONPE) and the national jury. Elections (JNE).

Through its corporate account on Twitter, the diplomatic headquarters of the North American country indicated that its government is led by Justin Trudeau “Waiting for the final decision of the electoral authorities and working with the next government.”.

Canada considers the electoral process in Peru on June 6 to be free, fair and open, a fact reaffirmed by the Organization of American States. We support ONPE and JNE in their work so far. Canada is waiting for the final decision from the electoral authorities and work with the next governmentHe reads the embassy’s post.

Last Wednesday, Luis Ars Cordova announced the regression of his condition “Irreversible” To the plenary session of the National Elections Arbitration Commission (JNE).

Through a document sent to the President of the JNE, Jorge Luis Salas Arenas, and to the other members of the plenary session of the said entity, the representative of the Public Prosecution explained that his decision had been taken “Avoid” that’s there Minority votes are used to validate false constitutional deliberations that are in fact decisions with a clear political bias..

This Thursday, Salas Arenas decided to suspend Supreme Prosecutor Luis Ars Cordova from exercising the position of full member of the plenary Lead to the temporary invitation of the appropriate representative..

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Likewise, he sent a letter to the Public Prosecutor of the Nation of Zuraida Avalos informing her of Resolution No. 66-2021-P/JNE signed by the President of the said entity, Jorge Salas Arenas, suspending the Attorney General as an honorary member. From the entire JNE.

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