Warning and tragedy in Europe due to Storm Kiran: There are already 16 deaths

Local authorities announced that the storm heading east of the continent after hitting the Atlantic coast left six dead in Tuscany, north-central Italy, where it caused record rains.

“What happened tonight in Tuscany has a name: climate change.” The Governor of Tuscany said on his X account (formerly Twitter), Eugenio Gianni, Who declared a state of emergency.

Meanwhile, two men and a woman, whose ages and nationalities are unknown, died in Portugal aboard a Danish-flagged sailboat that sank in heavy waves, local authorities detailed.

Falling trees due to violent winds caused many fatal accidents, as two people died in Belgium, two in France, one in Spain, one in Germany, another in the Netherlands, and a woman in Madrid. an agency.

The passage of Storm Ciaran causes panic across Europe

In Spain, the most affected area was the northwest of the peninsula, in the Galicia region, where a red alert level was declared, meaning extreme danger due to reports of strong winds.

A state of maximum alert was also declared in some areas of the coast of the Basque Country, with waves that could reach a height of 8 or 9 metres, according to the Spanish Meteorological Agency (EMET).

In addition, about 200 flights were canceled at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, several fires fanned by strong winds forced the evacuation of more than 800 people in the coastal region of Valencia.

Storm Ciaran also caused the interruption of part of the railway traffic in the Flanders region in northern Belgium and disrupted the rest of the country, while maritime traffic was also affected in the Antwerp port area.

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Electricity does not reach about 1.2 million French homes, of which 780,000 belong to the Brittany region (west), which is the town to which President Emmanuel Macron traveled.

Storm Ciaran arrived in England yesterday afternoon, with much of the sea traffic out of the port of Dover suspended. On the island of Jersey, about 35 people were evacuated and taken to hotels due to strong winds reaching speeds of 160 kilometers per hour.

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