Resident Evil 4 Remake first picture?

As Resident Evil 8 continues to be a hit with fans, there’s already talk of subsequent titles in the saga. Resident Evil 9 is likely already in development and begins with an ending Resident Evil 8, A new starting point in the saga. But that wouldn’t be the only title in development, since the next title to be released, if the rumors are confirmed, will be Signs of Resident Evil 3, And that should make Rebecca Chambers a pioneer. And finally, we can’t forget the Resident Evil 4 Remake which, according to the leaks, will be the remake of the classic Capcom.

And there are no longer just rumors about the game, because the first image is of it Resident Evil 4 remake. The image was released just a few minutes ago at Twitter Although, as often happens with saga leaks, it has not been confirmed whether or not it belongs in the game. Many suggest it’s a Resident Evil 8 mod with Leon as the protagonist, as the setting is very much reminiscent of Dimitrisco’s castle.

Will this be the first photo of Resident Evil 4 Remake?

However, given the enormous similarities between Resident Evil 8 and Resident Evil 4, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that this first image of Resident Evil 4 Remake is not a style of the game, but the original Leon S Kennedy in Salazar Castle. One of the most important and famous locations from the original Resident Evil 4 game. Would you like your Resident Evil 4 edition to be like this?

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