US Court of Justice orders seizure of Venezuelan-Iranian plane seized in Ezeiza

Amtrasur has been stuck since 6 June

Today, a United States judge has ordered a confiscation The Venezuelan-Iranian plane that has been detained at Ezeiza airport since June 6 on the grounds that it was illegally acquired assets, as it was acquired by Emtrasur in violation of US law.

A week ago, the US government asked field extinction Boeing 747-300, registration YV-3531, which will allow him to acquire it. The measure was finally ordered by columbia courtalthough the official notification has not yet been sent to the Argentine justice system.

A judge in Colombia had ordered last August to seize the plane and search it to obtain a series of evidence. Federal Judge Federico Villina granted these requirements and entrusted the task to the PSA and the FBI.

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This request, which was sent by the US Department of Justice and passed through the Argentine Ministry of Justice, had three central points: 1) Boeing aircraft reservation/booking, 2) reservation order service, and 3) Boeing aircraft inspection.

The confiscation is aimed at immobilizing the Amtrasur jet until its final seizure date, which was finally achieved on Tuesday.


The case under treatment in the United States is based on irregular transportation By Iranian Mahan Air to Emtrasur.

“Iranian airline Mahan Air, also known as Mahan Airlines and Mahan Airlines (Mahan Air), transferred the Boeing aircraft to Venezuelan airline Impreza de Transport Aerocargo del Sur, SA EMTRASUR), and later EMTRASUR re-exported the Boeing aircraft to other destinations. Including Iran and Russia, all of which are in violation of US law, specifically the Export Control Reform Act (ECRA) of 2018, Section 50 US Code 4801 et seq. “, explains the request for cooperation that arrived in Argentina in August.

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Another argument revealed by the American justice is a provisional refusal order (TDO) issued by the Department of Commerce of that country under which Mahan Air’s export concessions denied. “The TDO broadly prohibits Mahan Air and/or other persons or companies operating for or on behalf of Mahan Air, directly or indirectly, from engaging in any export transaction or purchasing or selling any item exported or exported from the United States. United States and which were subject to the EAR, such as aircraft manufactured in the United States,” details of the cooperation request.

That TDO is from 2018, but has been renewed several times. The last update was May 13 this year.

Gholamreza Qasemi and other crew members at the time of departure from Argentina
Gholamreza Qasemi and other crew members at the time of departure from Argentina

The judicial case being heard in the Federal Court of Lomas de Zamora continues its course though unworthiness Of the last five crew members who were allowed to leave the country. The plaintiff, Cecilia Encardona, appealed this decision.

In addition to lifting the ban on leaving the country, Judge Vilina has annulled the hijacking of the Emtrasur, although the plane is still being held because of the legal case under consideration in the United States.

Vilina emphasized that there was no convincing evidence in the case to prosecute them. Quickly by the deadline imposed by the Federal Chamber of La Plata when confirming the departure of the first 12 crew members from the country, the judge resolved the procedural situation of only the five investigated: pilot Gholamreza Qasemi, Abdelbaset Mohammadi, Saeed Valizadeh, Victor Manuel Perez and Mario Araga Urdaneta.

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After a layover in Bolivia, they arrived in Venezuela only on Monday.

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