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In three weeks, the most important festival of entrepreneurship, innovation and investment in Latin America begins again, with high-impact businesses based in Monterrey. The incMTY brand celebrates 10 years and has been developed to be a driver of innovations and investments for the future. From November 15-17 this year, the annual festival is celebrated where business decision-makers and unicorn leaders present new ideas on how to transform the world for the better.

Among the highlights this year will be Atomic Habits author James Clear and Australian Benny Lucasso, one of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs thanks to her approach to humanizing happiness. David Meltzer will be another leader today with a message that has cross-cutting impact in everything we do. Inspiration is complemented by the conversations of Alejandro Brennfalk, President and CEO of Siemens Mexico and Central America, who today is undoubtedly one of the most important leaders in promoting green and sustainable business. The agenda focuses on new business formats such as “Founders & Investors Summit” and “Corporate Innovation and Adventures” where companies such as Bimbo Ventures, Cemex Ventures, Proeza Ventures, Alibaba, Mastercard, Salesforce, Jam Fund of Los Angeles and Dallas Capital are located. This demonstrates the focus and need to enable a better economic future with talent and investment in the region.

Local success stories such as Unicorn Nauports by Alfonso de los Rios, Peter Fly by Eduardo Della Maggiora, Bolsa Rosa by Ana Lucia Cepeda and Prismex by Susana Ruiz show how incMTY has transcended to become a platform for new projects and innovations leaving a footprint on the American continent. incMTY President Rogelio de los Santos and CEO Josué Delgado not only organize a festival, but we have been able to create a network of contacts, events and initiatives throughout the year where a new culture of value creation is lived and promoted. IncMTY’s recent “high impact” events in Texas, Canada’s participation, Silicon Valley investors and more and more companies discovering “open innovation” show a strong development. Institutional innovation with Heineken with the “Green Challenge” and Daikin with the new “DisruptAir Challenge” are examples of how innovation and entrepreneurship within and around companies have become key factors in putting Latin America on the map of one of the world’s most dynamic and visionary regions. It is also rumored that GIZ, the German collaboration for global cooperation, will announce during the festival more details about the investment in its new climate change project in Mexico.

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Therefore, more than 8000 future creators will gather and interact from November 15-17 at Cintermex and the Tec de Monterrey campus. Let’s go everyone! These are the days when the spirit of pledge towards better directions really reigns and that’s why I recommend you to come, share and add. In particular, personally celebrating 10 years of innovation from Monterey to the world.

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