Dental health: What are the three most annoying consequences of a broken tooth

Bruxism removes tooth enamel, exposing the deeper layers of the teeth (Getty Images)

Storm Everyday life It generates fears and doubts and Setbacks that can cause distress, a feeling that, in a way, ends up manifesting itself in ourselves Organism. In this context, one of the most prominent expressions is gnashing of teetha disorder that includes grinding s squeezing The teeth via unawareUsually during sleep hours.

In general, the reasons you pay are Stress and the anxiety. Headaches, sensitive gums or difficulty sleeping are just some of the symptoms Effect From this table, so you should consult a Professionals To prevent the elderly uncomfortable.

A large part of the population suffers from bruxism throughout their lives, sometimes even more repeat And sometimes less. Although it is due to the multiplicity the reasons , The main thing is cases torsion or from Stress in case if grown ups, while the Children may be associated with replacing dentist. In contrast, it can happen when sleeping also Awake.

Bruxism is the involuntary and mechanical habit of bruxism.
Bruxism is the involuntary and mechanical habit of bruxism.

then three Effect From gnashing of teeth to take into account and consult a specialist:

A sign that we grinding Teeth may be in uncomfortable In the head “as a result of pressure on the mouth and jaw,” the doctor told him Albert Combs a Huffington Post. “A headache is basically the body’s way of recovering from a large amount of pressure Overnight.” He added. East sign of illness Usually manifested around temple And in the area ears.

feel pain in gums When we eat a hot or cold dish, it can, in some cases, be associated with gnashing of teeth. why? Because, as Ippoliti explained, “it can generate a kind of the case This is called Enamel Abfraction What happens when it starts Season previously lose. in consequence, there to retreat There is one Gap between the gums and enamel. In this case, you can feel sensitive to cold or heat.

Stress-related bruxism can occur at any age, although it is more common in adults (Getty Images)
Stress-related bruxism can occur at any age, although it is more common in adults (Getty Images)

If gnashing of teeth appears during sleep, we probably are let’s wake up in the middle of the night by Disturbance That we produce is, in some cases finish Discomfort and pain can disturb sleep.

According to experts from Mayo Clinic United States of America“You can also try night terrors and sleep-related problems such as apnea.” In any case, experts from the medical establishment have detailed this in most The patients bruxism does not cause Serious complications. Only if it is capacitor can cause ruin On the teeth and disorders that appear in the temporomandibular joints, which are located in front of ears It can look like a Explode, Explode When opening and closing a file Mouth“.

To lessen the effects of bruxism, your dentist may prescribe a relaxation plate to use at night (Getty Images)
To lessen the effects of bruxism, your dentist may prescribe a relaxation plate to use at night (Getty Images)

In any case, gnashing of teeth not only brings problems, but can also play a role positive in our body. How? It is a physical defense tool to confront Stress and for loosen the tension.

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Although it seems implausible, this is what he found in it 2021 A group of experts from the Department of Psychological Biology and Methodology in Behavioral Sciences Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. Honesty can play a useful role by giving us a way stress relief that contribute to better handling it,” he explained Xabier Soto Goñi, One of the study authors.

To arrive at these findings, the researchers recruited a group of participants with bruxism from vigilance Another group did not suffer from this problem. Either way, a series of surveys psychic about anxiety, depressive personality and dealing with stress. The final results were compared using statistical analysis.

to me Prevent From gnashing of teeth, it is recommended to consult with a Professionals for reveal The problem early. In general, a buccal plate From personal relaxation, it is made of resistant acrylic to avoid further tooth damage.

he takes musty On the first day, he received the painting, and there is a period of time Adaptation so that stays relaxing And do not tighten. It is also good that the patient to get to know The moments It’s stressful to know what generates that.”

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