US Chamber of Commerce urges government to implement fiscal stimulus to boost Mexico’s economic recovery

If the federal government does not implement a fiscal stimulus program to boost the economic recovery after Covid-19, Mexico is doomed to grow by 1.5% by 2022, he warned of American Chamber of Mexico (AmCham).

Luis Fonserada, Economic Adviser to Amcham Mexico.

The economic analyst of the American Business Organization explained, through a statement, that although the Mexican economy may grow by 5.4% by the end of this year, in 2022 it will barely reach 1.52%, in the absence of government measures that encourage economic recovery.

“The recovery in Mexico is mainly due to stimuli in the US economy and increased consumption as the vaccination plan progresses,” Fonserada said.

As part of diagnosing recently recorded indicators about the Mexican economy towards recovery in the first half of the year, Foncerrada created: “For a significant recovery, Mexico needs to boost investment, with conditions of legal certainty and clarity in the rules of the play.”

Therefore, the economic advisor to AmCham He stressed that Mexico still has a way to go, with macroeconomic indicators pointing to positive numbers, but there is still a lack of support from the government to restore activity.

During the first quarter of 2021, the Mexican economy recorded an increase in Start 0.8% compared to the previous quarter, however, compared to the same period last year, there is still a decrease of 2.8%.

“In the absence of additional measures, Mexico can expect growth of 5.4% for 2021 but only 1.52% for 2022,” Luis Fonserada stated.


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