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ContentIt is the protagonist of the cutest story you will read today. This brown-eyed stray dog ​​has moved hundreds of people around the world after his ‘crime’ has spread.

The animal, which lived on the streets and was estimated to be a year old, went repeatedly to the Dollar General store in the state North Carolina, southern USA. There was a stuffed animal in the establishment that always caught his eye: a pink rhinoceros.

More than once, Sisu entered the store, took the stuffed animal, and left the site. The store owners recognized the strange situation, and according to CNN, they called the Dublin County Animal Watch Service to take care of the dog that had already “ robbed ” them five times. Of course, he never changed his aim.

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When the officials took over the situation, one of the agents decided to buy a toy for the dog so that everything would still be legal.

Finally, Sisu made her way. But The bidding of this story did not end there.

After rescuing the dog and purchasing his stuffed animal, the account of the animal shelter he was transferred to on Facebook posted his status with the following description: “He is very obedient. He knows how to sit, lie down and stand. He loves unicorns. From the public dollar.”

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His picture was shared very quickly on the social network and family I decided to adopt it. Sisu finished off with her stuffed animal and A. new home Who will take care of it from now on. Happy ending!

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