Unilever celebrates the International Day of Happiness with the release of the Ten Commandments for Improving Personal Wellbeing

Madrid, 20 years old (Europe Press)

Unilever celebrates the International Day of Happiness with a slogan to promote emotional well-being and by carrying out various activities through which it wants to contribute to spreading a positive culture among its employees, collaborators and society in general.

In the framework of its commitment to improve the well-being of people, the company promotes this important date that was born in 2012 at the request of the United Nations with the aim of recognizing the importance of happiness and well-being as a universal aspiration of human beings, “a fact that is necessary today more than ever in a social and economic context, sometimes negative and unfavorable,” according to the company.

Unilever understands that the workspace is a very important aspect of people’s lives that complements their personal development, allowing them to fully fulfill themselves and achieve happiness.

According to various scientific investigations, a total of 17 muscles are activated when smiling, while this number increases to 43 if an angry face is shown.

“International Day of Happiness is a perfect occasion to remember the need to smile more and create positive environments that improve the quality of life of the people who surround us in the personal sphere, but also in the workplace where we spend a significant part of our time ”, highlighted the Director of Sustainability at Unilever and the promoter of this initiative, Ana Palencia.

In addition, today it helped to recall other studies confirming that happiness promotes longevity and makes it easier to overcome diseases. Also, the need to enhance happiness from oneself as a way of receiving it was remembered and that the chances of happiness increase if people share joy and turn it into a reciprocal action.

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According to studies, happy people are 31% more productive in their daily lives and up to three times more creative than others.

The company works to promote a culture of happiness to enhance positive interpersonal relationships, develop creativity and balance between personal and professional life.

In their happiness motto, Unilever also values ​​the role of people who use the vitamin and the importance of surrounding yourself with them. Another aspect that the company emphasizes on the International Day of Happiness is the health of people, to which enjoyment and moments of comfort are added.

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