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There are many reasons for losing a job. at United kingdom19 years old his name is ole berries He did it to share a video of tik tok What surprised him most was the explanation he received later. What does a man have to do or say to create an internet viral that gets to his superiors? Here is the story.

This past March 24 was going to be a day like any other in Young Ole’s life. In fact, that’s how he ended up having, in the middle of his workday, donning a reflective jacket and fulfilling orders from British supermarket chain Sainsbury I decided to record a video for TikTok.

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If you want an easy job, go work at Tesco (another company), Sainsbury’s and make those damn deliveries“The 19-year-old boy began with an explanation.”Probably the easiest job I’ve ever had, and the highest paying and they take care of me‘, he added to his account While driving a delivery vehicle.

I don’t do much, I just sit on the side of the road waiting for these commands to be issued. The clients are all absolutely wonderful and I have never had a situation where they were such idiots.‘, now continued by the former employee of the British brand. Was it something he said?

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However, despite saying all the good things about his situation, he continued with the “advice”. “Don’t work inside supermarkets, it’s nonsense and boring. Seriously, if you want to do an easy job, do this”, he ended his presentation in front of his followers, not counting on the ‘fame’ that he could later gain.

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Two days later, on March 26, he added another video indicating what happened after the first clip was posted. “It got a lot more attention than I thought and it caused a little problem. My boss told me the store manager doesn’t really care too muchAlthough the fact that we were insulted in the clip is bad for the company’,” he added, later saying that his boss had asked him to delete the initial video.

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Unfortunately for him, the bad news didn’t last and he said he was expelled soon after.for bad behavior and reputationHe said in a sarcastic tone. “Yes, I have been laid off and now I am worried about how to pay my rent in a week”, added to the social network for short clips.

It wasn’t a big deal, they are a multi-million dollar company and they only care about one video. Yes, they were absolutely right in predicting that I would lose my job.Let them go take the wind. Now I will apply for other job offersAdded about warnings from users after seeing the post that caused the whole problem. On the other hand, a Sainsbury’s spokesperson only succeeded in commenting that his dismissal was due to “number of factorsWho would have thought that he could get this far.

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