La Nación / MAG agreements will help find new markets and promote meat in Paraguay

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG) has signed an inter-institutional framework agreement with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to establish a relationship of mutual cooperation, and to develop technological research projects. They noted that through this fact, they seek to reach new markets and promote Paraguayan meat.

MAG Minister Santiago Bertone participated in the meeting, who confirmed that with this agreement, the goal is to create technological tools and systems for the meat value chain. In addition, they point to public-private partnerships that seek social and environmental business innovation so that trade in the country can continue to grow.

The agreement was signed with the Executive Coordinator of Sigest, Engineer Paola Doriotti, who confirmed that this high-level technical meeting seeks to better position Paraguay in an international agreement with regard to economic and trade aspects, specifically in the sector. Of meat that is in a difficult situation.

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They contacted us last year and offered us the first cooperation to know the question of markets and the potential of Paraguayan meat, and after this work the possibility of signing an agreement arose. “We will now proceed to the next stage, which will be the organization, digitization and search for the common points of the three databases,” said Doriotti, in connection with La Nación – Nación Media.

He emphasized that the National Forest Institute (Infona), the National Quality and Animal Health Service (Senacsa) and Cadastre are the institutions that should achieve common points because they currently maintain different programming languages, use different data and do not communicate with each other Yes, which is very important for The agreement with the NWF succeeds.

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“Of the three, if we were to see that connection and arrangement of databases, information that could later be used for an environmental screening, information management screening, which even includes animal health and welfare issues, which even refrigerators could use to export to other markets, and that way We will reduce the bureaucracy of procedures in the various systems.

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