UK support for the 4-day Errejón event

The March 3, 1904 Approved in Spain Sunday Rest Law A social conquest in which Sunday was recognized as the day of rest for workers and therefore they did not have to go to their office.

More than 100 years have passed since then and today is the possibility Reducing the weekly working hours to four days (It must be remembered that the current Sabbath still works).

This proposal has been in the community for decades, although not much progress has been made, and has now been adopted by Más País, by ñigo Errejón, and Bring it to the fore today. Project received Unexpected support from the UK.

The four-day working day is attracting more and more attention (Getty Creative)

reportby the Environment Organization London platform In cooperation with 4 days a week campaignfound many Advantages of reducing working hours Weekly including reducing environmental impact.

This would significantly reduce UK emissions 127 million tons by 2025 (more than 20%) will be the equivalent of Get all cars off the road Especially from the country. In this way, the British can achieve their climate goals.

Recently, the possibility of reducing the weekly working day to one day is gaining momentum among economists, companies and some politicians. While giants like Unilever have already announced a one-year trial in New Zealand, in Spain and Scotland started pilot projects to study its feasibility.

in this meaning, Más País-Equo was the first Spanish formation In incorporating it into their electoral platform and in bringing the debate into the community. At the beginning of 2021, the party demanded the government Implementation of an experiment in this regard In return for the support of the Decree-Law Regulating the Management of European Funds.

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The initiative is already underway, and will be developed For three years, he will receive 50 million euros which will support companies wishing to promote reduced working hours of their employees.

& # xcd;  & # xf1;  igo Errej & #xf3;  n defend 32 hours a week.  (Photo by Alberto Ortega/Europe Press via Getty Images)

Íñigo Errejón defends 32 hours a week. (Photo by Alberto Ortega/Europe Press via Getty Images)

The project will be the first Bearing the costs of derivative salaries From this reduction the results will be used to evaluate benefits and expansion possibilities. The experiment aroused great international interest, and even the prestigious Time magazine devoted a comprehensive report to it.

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Supporters of this measure point out that reducing working hours will help to create job opportunities, It would improve people’s mental and physical health and strengthen communities. The coronavirus pandemic has specifically highlighted these approaches and the new business model that will be implemented after this turbulent period.

Recent Studies They have indicated that the increase in unemployment after Covid-19 can be avoided and that companies can do so Compensating this change with increased productivity and prices.

Some theses now completed with the next report on the United Kingdom dated Environmental benefits. He points out that reducing working hours would reduce energy use in offices and reduce transportation emissions by reducing travel.

On that free extra day, he also found that it would be carried out many low carbon activities, Like exercising, resting, or enjoying the family.

In this sense, the study authors wanted to do Focus on the big social benefits It would have to reduce the working day by one day.

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La jornada de 4 d & # xed;  as turn & # xed;  a numerosas ventajas ambientales.  (Photo by LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images)

A 4-day transformation will have numerous environmental benefits. (Photo by LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images)

“Switching to a four-day work week with fair pay for all can help us change the way that value is created in society by More space for care, comfort and relationships”said Laurie Mumblatt of Platform London.

An opinion shared by the campaign for a 4-day week stated, in the words of Joe Ryle, that “we already know that a four-day week is beneficial for mental health and worker well-being, but this report shows that it can also To be a big step for the environment.”

Thus, the scale is gaining more and more followers and even There are countries like Japan and New Zealand who have been questioning the current model for some time and studying the possibilities of the four-day shift. It seems clear that The discussion is already there Now it is the evidence that should dictate the sentence.

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