Trump traveled to the border with Mexico to denounce Biden’s immigration policy

Trump has made border security a cornerstone of his administration

Former President of the United States, Donald Trump, declared Wednesday that incumbent President Joe Biden is “destroying” the country and reiterated his argument of election rigging, during a visit to the border with Mexico, where he went to demand the “worst immigration crisis” in the country’s history and restore the common thread of his presidency: the fight against immigration illegal.

Biden is destroying our country, and it all started with electoral fraud. The former president, accompanied by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, ratified, according to what was reported by the Sputnik news agency.

After his last official visit to talk about immigration on January 12, Trump returned this Wednesday to Texas, which he described as a “real disaster area”, facing a new nomination in 2024 and without losing his speech since he took “retirement” in their Florida and New Jersey residences.

Along with Abbott and the mayor of Texas in classic cowboy hats, the former president attended a “Border Security” meeting. In the small town of Weslaco, in the far south of the state.

“Now we have open borders, very dangerous, more dangerous than ever in the history of our country,” he emphasized, Then he went to the border separating the United States and Mexico, in the Rio Grande Valley, about thirty kilometers away.

“We will admire the wall,” the former president asserted.

Abbott, whom Trump promised to continue building the wall Also seen as a potential Republican presidential candidate for 2024, he spent most of the first half of the year criticizing what he calls Biden’s “open border policies” and targeting Vice President Kamala Harris for not visiting the US border, Texas.

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When Harris visited El Paso last week, Abbott said he was “ignoring the real problem” of not going to the Rio Grande Valley, where there has been a significant increase in arrests.

The governor decreed in mid-June that Texas continue to build the border wallAnd the It is a plan approved by the Republican Governor of South DakotaKristi Noem, who recently announced that it would send dozens of National Guard soldiers in her state to the border, despite it being more than 2,000 kilometers north.

The governor of Texas promised to continue building the wall

The governor of Texas promised to continue building the wall

Trump has made border security a cornerstone of his administration He declared a state of emergency in 2019 to divert federal funds to pay for the border wall.

During his four years as chief, about 600 kilometers were completed, although most of these sections were improvements to existing ramparts.

For Republicans, Trump’s platform worked, but Biden’s arrival in the White House with the promise of a “more humane” immigration policy created a “pull effect” for immigrants.

Trump expressed his regret, saying, “We did an excellent job and in a few months everything was destroyed.” during the meeting.

In May, about 180,000 people were arrested after entering the United States illegally, the highest number in 15 years.

The opposition accuses Vice President Harris, who is responsible for managing irregular immigration, of ignoring the “crisis”.

Democrats, for their part, accuse Republicans of political manipulation and assert that the increase in immigrants at the border is due to many factors, while mentioning the political debate over the separation of families imposed by Trump.

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Under his leadership, nearly 4,000 immigrant children have been separated from their families. As of early June, over 2,000 have not been reunited with loved ones.

“For four years, Republicans have been silent while Trump sabotaged our immigration system,” said Ammar Moussa, a Democratic Party spokesman., who described the former president’s visit as a “clown show.”

Expelled from social media, for inciting supporters who stormed the Capitol later on Jan. 6, Trump is back in the ring in recent weeks and on Saturday he’s back for his classic Ohio meetings, kicking off his campaign start to the congressional and local elections in November 2022.

This Saturday he will have another big event in Sarasota, Florida where he will meet with the state’s governor, Republican Ron DeSantis.

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