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The character played by Golda Rosheuvel in the Netflix series is causing great interest among fans because she is a true historical character.

Golda Rochevel, the actress responsible for giving life to Queen Charlotte at The Bridgetons, is about to not play the king in the popular Netflix series. The interpreter initially intended for her to take on the role of Mrs. Danbury, but when Adjoa Andoh took the role, the team suggested she audition for the Queen. At first she was hesitant, but Rochevel quickly put it back and put it clearly, because she was the chosen one.

One of the few real historical figures Bridgertosno, The character of Queen Charlotte is one of the most interesting personalities among the followers. Despite her weak strength at the same time, the wife of King George III rules practically alone, she suffers from her husband’s illness, and although she is the most important person in the room wherever she is, she suffers greatly because of what they will say. And her potentially bad image is like everyone else’s.

Although the team led by Chris Van Dousen has obtained several licenses, There are details surrounding Queen Charlotte’s life, and they derive directly from what is known about the historical royal figure Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.

If it was in the first season of The Bridgetons Followers raised questions of a historical nature such as whether the queen was really black or what disease her husband, the king, had. In the second season, fans wondered what item we see from time to time smelling the Queen or whether the zoo that shows the Sharma sisters in the vicinity of their palace exists in real life.

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The royal story behind the Queen Charlotte Zoo

In the second episode of season 2 of The Bridgetons“On the Races” (2×02)”, convinced the Queen of Edwina’s ability to help her get to Lady Whistledown, showed the Sharma sisters her zebra, stated she had an elephant, and then bought a peacock to entertain guests at this season’s stars wedding.

The true story of Queen Charlotte that will tell the ‘episodic’ of ‘The Bridgertons’

What is real in this? Although calling it a zoo might be an exaggerationQueen Charlotte had a bunch of exotic animals, just like her character. Far from being unusual for the time, though, during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries in Britain, and especially in London, members of the aristocracy often owned their own collections of wild animals, viewing it as just another extravagance. To decorate their homes and entertainment. Guests.

At the height of colonization, the British were eager to get their hands on unknown creatures native to the colonized lands, so many animals such as lions, tigers, monkeys and countless species of birds were shipped to the UK from their places of origin to become the main attraction of aristocratic parties. Usually Queen Charlotte has been a part of the series and in real life.

fact, Queen Charlotte was one of the most prominent wildlife collectors at the time, and as in the The BridgetonsShe owns many zebras and an elephant. He also sparked an interest in kangaroos in England after he was the first person in the country to own one and even gave his young to some of his wealthy friends.

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There are many interesting stories, and most of all, about the real Queen Charlotte The Bridgetons He hasn’t been able to dedicate time yet, but he has at least two more seasons to do so, as well as a character-focused pre-show.

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