Tourism overflows at the expense of vacation occupancy

When tallying the so-called main week, some national tourist destinations have exceeded occupancy expectations, as well as data from Minister of TourismMexico was positioned as the number one tourist destination for Americans in 2021.

Among the major destinations that reported the highest occupancy rate are the so-called sun triangleIt is located in the state of Guerrero, with an occupancy rate of 71 percent and an economic benefit of 2,328 million pesos.

Tourism Minister of Guerrero, Santos Ramirez Cuevasin detail that Acapulco It recorded 166,042 tourist arrivals, with an average hotel occupancy of 68.6 percent, 58.4 in timeshares and 50 in real estate, resulting in a total economic spill of 1913.6 million pesos.

While the influx of tourists to it Mazatlan Sinaloadescribed as “historic”, with nearly 800,000 people, a hundred percent occupancy of hotels over the weekend and an economic spill of 1,110 million pesos.

In the case of Los Cabos, Municipal Director of Baja California Tourism Donna Jeffries He pointed out that Easter was the main date for economic recovery in various business sectors in this tourist destination.

“The spill of more than 265 million pesos is what is estimated to have left over 100,000 tourists,” Jeffries said.

In the case of Quintana Roo, the Minister of State for Tourism (Sedetur) It reported that in the current holiday season, which ends on April 24, 1,178,977 tourists are expected to arrive, leaving the country with an economic spill of $972 million, up 67 percent from 2021.

In the case of Veracruz, the initial estimated figure indicated the arrival of one million tourists and an economic benefit of more than 700 million pesos would be achieved in Holy Week and Easter in Veracruz, however, it failed, because only in the municipality the source of the rivermayor Juan Manuel Onanoreported 300 million pesos in a spill and a 95 percent hotel occupancy rate, in the municipality with the largest number of hotels and rooms available in the entity.

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The state’s public data will be released at the end of the holiday period, but with preliminary figures from various municipalities, it is expected that the leak you provided Minister of Tourism of the State.

Mexico, the number one destination in the United States

Based on information received from the US Department of Commerce, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torokoreported that in 2021 Mexico ranked first in the share of trips made by Americans, receiving 58.6 percent of the total.

He noted that this contrasts with 4.3 percent of trips to Canada and 37.1 percent of the total to other regions of the world.

With regard to air travel, he explained that in 2021, American citizens increased their access to Mexico by 100.9 percent, as they moved from 5 million and 16 thousand flights in 2020 to 10 million and 77 thousand trips in 2021, and therefore 0.3 percent Just missing. For 2019, confirming expectations that the reactivation will take place with short-term flights.

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