UdeC students will collaborate to revitalize the city of Sault Ste. Marie, in Canada – Comment

Within a month, 28 students of the international business management career in Faculty of Economics from Colima University And 25 of the business management career in University of Algoma, Canada, They will work in joint development teams Marketing Strategies that support Economic Boost from canadian city Saul St. Marie, behind the pandemic by Covid.

This cooperation is possible because both universities participate in a program Intercultural Cooperative Learning Online (file). This activity will be coordinated by CityStudio from Vancouver, Canada, is an innovation hub that brings city officials together with students, educators and the community, “to co-create experimental projects that make that city more sustainable, vibrant, playful and inclusive,” according to its website.

It was created in 2011 to accelerate sustainability in higher education and provide students with direct opportunities to work in and with the city in the face of urban challenges.

This Friday (22), while the aforementioned collaboration was being formalized, it was conducted online, Dr. Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz “Educational institutions are called upon to promote the transformation of our environment, adding capabilities and strengthening alliances that allow us to provide robust training with a global perspective and an appropriate, comprehensive, sustainable and high-quality approach,” Zerminio said.

He commented that the participation of students and teachers is important in this activity, as it will respond to a real and urgent need of society such as economic revitalization after COVID-19: “Their intervention will give them an enriching experience and demonstrate the benefits that solidarity cooperation and problem-solving skills bring.”

Finally, he commented that as a university, “we ensure our enthusiastic and responsible participation in this proposal, as well as in new options for collaboration and Academic exchange that promote youth development in training and promote social and productive improvement.”

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When taking the academic floor Eunjung RiaukaThe Global Linkage and Mobility Coordinator at the University of Algoma said she was excited to take on this project with UdeC: “We hope that, after the pandemic situation returns to normal, students will have the opportunity to travel and meet each other.”

for this part, Taylor Girling The CityStudio coordinator noted that “this project seeks to bring together the city council, Algoma University and its students, to search for solutions to the problems the city is facing due to the devastation that followed the pandemic.”

Immediately, Istvan EmeryThese projects are an opportunity to create multicultural networks between students and the municipality of Sault Ste. Marie, said the academic dean of the University of Algoma, “It offers the opportunity to have experiential spaces that provide them with experiences and learning.” What is more, Travis AndersonDirector of Tourism and Community Service and Tom VerThe Deputy Managing Director of Sault Ste. Marie City said they are excited about the participation of students from both educational institutions in this project.

Students Jocelyn Carrillo and Ryan Fonte highlighted the importance of this project for students seeking an international profile: “They help build and strengthen relationships between participants and give the opportunity to connect with people who are not in your context.”

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