To a rat plague of biblical proportions, Australia adds to its woes ‘spider apocalypse’

various fields Gippsland, Australia She woke up covered in cobweb blankets, so they called her a “Apocalypse spider”, while the country is fighting against rat plague. This happened in a strong middle Is raining flood in Victoria.

This phenomenon has been widely photographed and widely reported by many social network users reddit. According to the pictures, you can see attempts spiders from run away Flood and seek shelter on higher ground.

Professor Dieter Hocholi, from the University of Sydney, decided that this episode, in which spiders develop their web, does not indicate unusual behavior of the animal after a flood. (Photo: Reddit/hdjwiax)

‘If the flood It wasn’t enough, Here I bring you the spider apocalypse “, she told the publications.

Due to heavy rain, over the past week several streets and roads in the Australian region It was closed. On the other hand, the strong storm left the population without electricity.

the teacher Dieter Hocholifrom university Sydney He determined that this episode, in which spiders develop their web, does not refer to a unusual behavior animal after flood.

“They’re building a network that’s a little different than the ones we know, like Celestial Networks, which is flat. Spiders often They live between two layers of cobwebs, ” The teacher expressed to the middle 7 news.

The professor added: “When we receive this kind of heavy rain and its torrents, this the animalswho spend their lives mostly on earth, They can no longer live there. “So spiders do exactly what a human would do too: Moving to higher ground“He is done.

With the expectation that there will be at least 5 cm of water In Gippsland this week, it is believed that spiders can persist, one more time, With a survival tactic.

Many streets and roads in the area were closed due to the storm, but this resulted in a “spider apocalypse”. (Photo: Reddit/hdjwiax)

Local reports indicated that this phenomenon is known as “Globe”, due to these climatic conditions, spiders cover several stretches of land with their cobwebs in the form of “Zipper”.

Australia must now be wary of any increase in spider numbers, while battling a terrible rat infestation, which is already Create problems for farmers and farmers.

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