Windows 11 is exposed in the first leaked images

Microsoft is ready to introduce the “next generation” operating system. While Redmond has provided little information in this regard, All Signs Indicate the arrival of Windows 11.

Specifically, on Tuesday, a series of screenshots of Windows 11 appeared on the Internet. These are photos, which were originally published on the Chinese site Baidu Reveals a new user interface.

It can be seen that the new design lines seem to be inspired by Windows 10x, which is the operating system that Microsoft has stopped developing to focus efforts on its next big project, which is presumably Windows 11.

Changes are highlighted, for example, in the taskbar, which Now the icons are centered. Meanwhile, the start menu is displayed in a floating window in the middle with rounded edges, an aspect that provides consistency for the new system design.

Of course, the “Live Tiles”, these animated tiles that display dynamic information about the applications in the start menu, are gone. Introducing this new concept from Microsoft for Windows 11 Apps are “pinned” at the top and recommended at the bottom.

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