Tips to speed up the immigration process to Canada: Avoid unnecessary delays

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Searching for a better life and new opportunities through immigration to Canada can be an exciting but frustrating process at times, especially when delays in processing applications threaten to delay your plans.

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Two recent cases have highlighted how applicants have used orders to deal with delays in immigration and study permit applications, and have had success in their efforts.

The power of the injunction

A court order, commonly known as a Mandoos Order, is a legal tool that applicants can use to encourage the immigration authorities to process their application within a reasonable time.

Canadian courts recently ruled in two cases that show how injunctions can be used as a remedy to speed up immigration processes.

In the case of Tala Ghaddar and her family, who applied for permanent residence in 2016, the court issued an injunction against Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The family had met the requirements to obtain authorization, given the unacceptable delay in their process and the lack of justification by IRCC.

In another similar case, an applicant seeking a study permit resorted to an injunction after leaving his application in limbo. However, the court ruled that, in his case, the damage was not serious enough to warrant the injunction.

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