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Cello García Cortes, Kiko Matamoros, Kiko Hernandez, Belén Esteban, Maria Patiño, Lidia Lozano, Victor Sandoval, Terillo Campos They headed to the US two months ago to live out their new Netflix adventure.

the truth It was recorded all this summer It will likely be released in the fall, and viewers will be able to watch talk shows “Traveling across America” To attend other similar formats in Latin America in which she appeared or called on some occasions during the years of “Sálvame” broadcast.

The wait is finally over. On Friday, November 10 at 9 pm, fans of “Sálvame” will be able to enjoy their collaboration again in the reality show coming to Netflix Which has become one of the most talked about premieres in recent months.

The union between “Sálvame” and the streaming platform was news that surprised many and came only a few days after it was known that Telecinco had decided to cancel the format. Now the creators are talking about it How did this collaboration come about? In his last interview with the newspaper “El Pais”.

“Four days after the news leaked and two days after we were officially informed about it, we received a call from Netflix telling us that our doors are open to whatever we consider, whether any project is related to Sálvame or not. He added: “This came at a very sensitive moment for us in many ways, especially on an emotional level.” Oscar Cornejo says.

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“There were a few surprise calls this week, but they were all of that week, not before. We have a feeling that everyone from outside has identified so much with the group and the channel, and seen us so well, that no one saw the possibility of approaching us.”

“It is the most original thing the world of Sálvame has done since the breath of fresh air that appeared on television 14 years ago.”You. “It is a song of freedom and friendship,” says the producer about what will be seen in “Sálvese who can”.

The premiere of this factual documentary comes just days after news emerged that “La Fábrica de la Tele” has permanently severed its relationship with Mediaset. A decision that leaves the continuity of other formats such as “Socialité” or “Everything is a Lie” up in the air. But what is left up in the air is “Salvam” continuity.

“Collaborators are inexhaustible. This will end the day they want it or when the viewers don’t want us or when no platform wants to make room for them. It is a quite recognizable group and the idea of ​​belonging to a group has been reinforced among them. This armors them and gives them incredible strength. “If the answer is yes or no, yes,” Cornejo says.

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