This is the real owner of the drawing company

comics It is a paint products company with a history of 80 years. According to their website, Born in 1943 As a small hardware store, its profitability led it to position itself as a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of paints.

although Comex owner It was, for many years, a Mexican family; For nearly a decade the company It passed into the hands of an international conglomerate. The Ashar family has been running the company since its inception, having established and running it as a family business.

in this time , Comex is owned by PPG Industries.An international company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of paints. PPG acquired the Mexican brand in 2014, in a process valued at Rs $2.3 billionAccording to data from El Economista.

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PPG Industries, the company that owns Comex

PPG (Established as Pittsburgh Plate Grass) that it Global supplier of paints, coatings, optical products and all kinds of materials related to the sector. Founded in Pennsylvania 1883 It calls itself one of the global leaders in its field.

company PPG Declare that it has more than 50,000 employees worldwide. Its main operations are in the United States and Canada, where it has 17,000 employees.

company Comex owner he have 243 plants All over America, Asia and Europe. In addition, it is developing its own technology at two research centers located in Pennsylvania.

PPG Industries, owner of Mexican Paints
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These are the major shareholders of PPG Industries

PPG It is a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange. So any investor can buy a subscription to it. However, the MarketScreener portal identifies Major Contributors to PPG Industries:

  1. Vanguard group: 10.93%
  2. JPMorgan Investment Management: 4.896%
  3. Wellington administration: 4,309%
  4. Massachusetts Financial Services: 3.154%
  5. Geode Capital Management: 1,940%
  6. Wells Fargo Clearing Services: 1.223%
  7. Columbia Management Investment Advisers: 1.158%
  8. Norway Investment Management Bank: 1.075%
  9. ClearBridge Investments: 1,072%
  10. Putnam Investment Management: 0.9366%
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Los Achar, the family that created Comex

Marcus Ashar He bought the tlapalería “El Gallito” in 1943. According to Brand informationIt turned out to be a very successful business, so they were able to acquire another hardware store a few years later.

Between 1950 and 1952, it was Achar launched its first two paint lines: Super Stone and Flat Comics. It was at this moment that the company that they decided to name as such due to the union of the name “Comercial Mexicana de Pinturas” arose.

In recent years, Comex has been managed by Marcus Ashar Levydescendant of the founder, who agreed to CEO and management of the company even after the sale to PPG, a movement he also led. But he left the company in 2019.

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