Diario de Cuyo They denounced that Orrego had copied part of the government’s policies within his proposals for science and technology

The province’s Minister of Science and Technology, Marita Benavente, came out at a crossroads on behalf of Marcelo Orrego’s government plan and accused him of copying and pasting part of the Uniaquista government’s plan without citing a source.

“Let them say that the Together for Change platform will copy and give continuity to the public policies implemented by the government of Sergio Unac. That would be intellectual rectitude, it is not honest to copy and paste as they do,” the official said at Radio Sarmiento.

The clearest example of this from strategic platforms, what they did was copy items with the means, but in the same order and the same categories. What’s more, they use very specific terms that we’ve been using,” he said when sketching out his complaint.

This is not the first time that fans of the “Together for Change” project have been involved in this type of situation, Diario de Cuyo revealed some time ago that deputy Enzo Cornejo submitted projects equal to those of other provinces without even changing a comma.

Benavente also referred to the Macri administration when he was in charge of the presidency and pointed to the reduction of the budget line for science. “When they had to be the national government with their political partners like Bullrich, Rodriguez Larreta and Macri, they modified science, cut budgets to a minimum, downgraded the State Ministry of Science and Technology to a simple secretariat, within the scope of the Ministry of Homeland Education if it is a member of together of For change, let him say that he is coming for change.”

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