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Nuclear professionals in 21 medical specialties Mendoza, They will start collecting additional co-insurance for the consultation value from On Friday, September 1st. Although the value of the co-payment has not yet been fully determined, as a series of agreements have not yet been stipulated, it turns out that It will range between 2,500 to 3,000 pesos.

The news of this implementation was issued at the beginning of last August, without specifying the amount that will be collected yet. Among the professionals who stick out there Pediatricians, rheumatologists, dermatologists, cardiologists, neurologists, urologists, gastroenterologists, hepatologists, ophthalmologists, obstetricians, surgeons, Among other things.

I am looking for ethics counseling

As some professionals have pointed out, what has been decided in recent weeks is Set the minimum value Ethical consultation, based on national and regional designations. This value is 6 thousand pesosIt is the amount that should cost the minimum consultation of any specialist, except for psychiatrists, who would cost 8,000 pesos.

Professional fees are determined by social or prepaid works And they do it unilaterally. Therefore, a professional currently receives between 3,000 and 3,500 pesos for a consultation.

“We are in contact with the managers (social and prepaid) so that they can increase the value of the consultation and reach the 6,000 pesos we want. If this is achieved, patients will not be charged, otherwise the co-insurance that people will pay will be about 3,000 pesos.” “. express to sun, Juan Manuel Gamboa, President of the Mendoza Pediatric Union (UPeM).

for his part, Christian PalumbaObstetrician-Gynecologist, Vice President of Allied Gynecologists of Mendoza, commented in LVDiez That “the operating expenses of any doctor practicing his profession have increased in recent years, at least in 2022, by 100% or 120%.”

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The professional talks about inputs, employee salaries, rents, etc., and confirms, on the other hand, that “doctors’ wages have only been updated between 60% and 65%.”

When considering whether it was legal or illegal to collect this cash deposit, Palumba was forthright: “First, we will ask the managers to pay us more, otherwise it will be applied to the patient, whether it is legal or not, we don’t know. What we do know is that the situation is extreme because we don’t have a structure to provide good care in private medicine. If we don’t, the care is In private clinics you will suffer.”

the Cardiologists are also added to the measure, although in this case, Most of the professionals decide not to receive social or paid work in their consultations, that is, they attend privately directly and charge a single sum of 6,000 to 10,000 pesos.

Professionals consider the situation a sad but honest act towards patients.

The other situation that happens is that Many professionals receive medical benefits, but shifts are only given for two or three monthsin order not to lose money, above all, due to exchange instability.

For this reason, many patients choose to pay for a private consultation, given the illness or medical condition they are suffering from today.

What happens in other associations

The situation is repeated in all areas of private health, in fact Dentists that are not part of this official statement, They have created different ways of charging consultation fees.

Some directly chose not to receive social or prepaid work, others do receive it, but take a co-insurance of 2,000 pesos for disposable items, and finally, there are those who have received advance payment and have now decided to take care of patients with benefits only and the rest, the new patients, They are taken care of in a certain way.

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Meanwhile, in some clinics where patients undergo various tests, they take a cash deposit of 6,000 pesos and the justification is that the supplies are from a foreign source.

Patients’ reaction

Although coinsurance will start collecting in September, some professionals have already been receiving it for months. the The patients reacted in disagreement.

Some pediatricians commented that many parents took their children to some private centers and when they were asked to pay the co-insurance (the relative and not the final value), they got upset and withdrew from the place.

“They were insured for 1,500 pesos, which is about 3 kilograms of bread, and people would rather go downtown, pay for parking, spend petrol, but not pay that extra.” said a professional who preferred to remain anonymous.


According to what was expressed by the specialists, the justifications for applying this procedure relate to: that The advisory order given to the professional is subject to the deductions applied by the brokers until its later payment.

next to, The time between patient care and payment for said service is 2 to 4 monthswith the consequent depreciation of the currency, which so far accounts for more than 25%.

Also, in another section of the justifications to which the procedure is applied, we note that the contract between the professional and the health service provider does not include any kind of update.

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