This is the cost of the boarding school in which Infanta Sofia will study

This is the cost of the boarding school in which Infanta Sofia will study

Infanta Sofia will follow in the footsteps of Princess Leonor in her high school educational path. The youngest daughter of the Kings will travel to Wales to study at a university UWC Atlantic CollegeWhich is known as “Hippy Hogwarts” for its vast green spaces and its similarity to the famous school of magic and sorcery that fans of the Harry Potter saga love.

While Leonor is already in Zaragoza, immersed in the General Military Academy, where she began her military training, Sofia is packing her bags to transfer to the British boarding school. This school, which is not accessible to everyone due to its high cost, is part of an organization called World Colleges.

“Their Majesties the King and Queen announce that Her Royal Highness the infant Sofia, as Princess of Asturias, will study the United World Colleges International Baccalaureate study program at UWC Atlantic College in Wales, United Kingdom” Zarzuela.

This tutorial includes extensive training that integrates Theoretical and applied knowledge and activities designed to enhance social awareness and creativity. The statement issued by the Royal Court details some of the goals of this educational program that Sofia will follow: “The academic program has been developed over two academic years (2023-24 and 2024-25) and includes science and literature. This program is complemented by a joint interdisciplinary course on epistemology, and a related study.” research nature, as well as a special program for creativity (theatre, music, art, etc.), work (sports) and activity involving service to the community (support in local schools, work with children with intellectual disabilities, elderly people, first aid, maintenance Coasts and nearby forests, environmental pollution control, care and restoration of animal species, marine rescue, coast guard, etc.).

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This is the cost of the boarding school in which Infanta Sofia will study

Expenses associated with an infanta’s education are not affordable for everyone. but, The royal house had made it clear that the expenses derived from the education of the youngest in the family would be covered, as in the case of Leonor, by the annual allowance granted to Felipe and Letizia. the costTwo years of baccalaureate between 95,000 and 110,000 dollars, ie between 87,000 and 101,000 euros.

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