This is how the MLB 2021 season matches will be broadcast on ESPN

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New season is coming in Big leagues The excitement of watching the best baseball game in the world is back to fans of the king of sports. As they have been doing for more than two decades, one of the most important international coverage will be provided by ESPN, so we tell you here. How MLB 2021 regular season matches will be broadcast on ESPN.

Through a tweet, Luis Alfredo Alvarez, who is part of the team of historians alongside Ernesto Jerez, announced the channels and days the TV network will broadcast MLB matches.

MLB 2021 on ESPN

From Monday to Wednesday:

  • Northern ESPN
  • Running ESPN3
  • ESPN Deportes (Monday and Wednesday)




  • Northern ESPN
  • Running ESPN3
  • ESPN Sports

The North Signal is broadcast in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Central America. The south signal goes from Colombia to Argentina, while ESPN Deportes are available in the United States.

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