This is “Age of Empires” free and open source, and its 26 updates prove that launching it was a good idea

0 AD is expanding its strategic expertise with the help of multiple developers.

We had to wait many years to see a comeback age of empiresAnd since October 2021, we can say that Age of Empires IV It is a reality. This installment will continue to expand your strategic expertise with Diverse Civilizations, but there are players who haven’t missed one of the genre’s most iconic perks. why? Well, because they discovered a project “0 pm“.

0 pm I started as a model Age of Empires 2: Age of KingsBut its creators ended up throwing away this nature in order to develop a standalone title. However, in 2009 they made an extraordinary decision in this sector: turn it into a game open source Under the GPLv2 license, Share all graphic resources Used now and licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA and Release the original sound.

While this may sound crazy, this idea was the reason 0 AD became a collaborative project laden with campaigns and features. In the end, More than 100 developers Share all the time 26 updates The game (one for each alphabet), which includes new civilizations and notable improvements.

This way we talk about work in constant development He does not intend to get rid of his “alpha” label, as he is still receiving content-laden patches. The Last Arrive, corresponding to the letter Z, serves as a tribute to the Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou, better known as Zhuangzi, and offers Han civilizationwhich has its own techniques, arts, buildings, and strategies.

If you like this genre and want to try the project, know that you can Play for free For both the base title and all updates released so far. But, if you want to continue with one of the most popular franchises in the field, we encourage you to read on Age of Empires IV review To see if he lives up to his legend.

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