This accessory will improve productivity between your iPhone and your Mac

iPhone and Mac interact more than ever on the latest updates to their systems. Thanks to them, we have a more integrated ecosystem, where both products are no longer just understood separately, but one becomes a complement (or expansion) of the other. For this reason, as a consequence, New accessories are emerging to make these notes more comfortable. And in this post we present one of them, which will certainly interest you. Especially if you use your iPhone as your Mac’s camera.

If you have an iPhone and a Mac, you don’t need a webcam anymore

One of the best functions brought by the latest releases of Apple’s operating systems is the ability to use iPhone as a Mac camera. Therefore, if we do not have a computer (as is the case with Mac Studio or Mac mini), or we want to make a quantum leap in the image that the computer records, it is no longer necessary to buy a webcam separately to connect it and get a better image signal.

Alternatively, if we have a Mac and an iPhone, Connected to the same Wi-Fi network with the same activated and linked Apple ID, both of them will detect each other, and the signal from the iPhone will appear on the Mac. And what better way to improve that kind of connection than with a physical accessory? To simplify the workflow, and make the iPhone more comfortable and faster, we are introducing these handles that will be very useful.

The mechanism is very simple. Owns Dropdown tool, supplied by MagSafe on the back of the iPhone, while the other half sticks with adhesive to the back of your Mac’s display or screen. And so, in this way, we can put the iPhone in a visible position, at a good angle when using the webcam, when we need it. Thank you MagSafe support, 180 degree rotatable, we can use both front and rear camerasin case we want to get better image quality when recording a video or making a video call.

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In this way, it will no longer be necessary to think about where we are going to put the phone, or to use separate supports, to have a good picture and a good view. In addition, thanks to the position in which this accessory is handled, we will also have a space available at the bottom of the phone, to be able to charge it with cable, if the battery is low.

iPhone as a webcam

A tip that can be useful is that if we are using a MacBook and we want to use this accessory, we can do it by sticking the adhesive part on the cover that will later appear on the back of the screen. In this way we will be sure to maintain a flawless aesthetic condition of the computer, in addition to being able to remove the accessory when it is not in use.

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