They play hockey without an audience due to the Covid outbreak in Canada

The Montreal Canadiens and Philadelphia Flyers played an ice hockey game at an empty Bell Center Thursday, amid rising numbers of Covid-19 cases.

Montreal announced about two hours before the meeting that public health authorities in the province of Quebec have prevented fans from attending the fencing.

The team said in a statement that it agreed to the ruling “in order to help ensure the safety of fans and citizens.”

The Canadians indicated that they will provide an update on the status of the game scheduled for Saturday night against the Boston Bruins, which currently has six players under Covid-19 protocols, including captain Patrice Bergeron and star winger Brads Marchand.

Montreal has indicated that it has been confirmed that it will be able to receive at least some spectators at the Bell Center starting in January.

More than 140 National Hockey League players made the coronavirus roster this season, within a league that boasted that 699 of its 700 players were completely immune, despite no booster shots needed.

It’s a shocking trend for the league, which plans to allow players to participate in the Winter Olympics scheduled for February in China, unless the effects of Covid-19 are too significant.

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