They leave a defense team in T-MEC

Sources from the Ministry of Economy (SE) confirmed the departure of T-MEC Monitoring Director General, Lydia Antonio; The address that depends on the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Last week, Chief Special Envoy, Raquel Poinrostro, requested the resignation of the then Undersecretary of Foreign Trade, Luz Maria de la Mora, who had been in charge of the consultations initiated by the United States and Canada, drawn from Mexico’s energy policy. .

This Wednesday, along with the director general of T-MEC Monitoring, Lydia Antonio, who belongs to de la Mora’s team, five or six other officials led the negotiations and defense of Mexico before the accusations of northern neighbors.

The officials dismissed, it seems, and the others who resigned on their own would be:

Head of the International Trade Negotiations Unit Ismael Ortiz, and General Manager International Trade and Services, Cindy Rayo; As well as the General Manager of International Trade Specialties, Rubisel Velasquez.

Likewise, Director General of International Trade, Maximo Romero, Head of the US T-MEC Implementation Office and Director General of the Pacific Alliance, Céline Magdaleno.

This latter official was part of the organization of the Pacific Alliance Summit that will take place this November in Oaxaca, Oaxaca.

However, it turned out that Lydia Antonio, director general of T-MEC Monitoring, and Cesar Remes were to resign, and with the latter’s absence, the office of the Department of the Economy in Washington, the US trade attaché. It is left untitled.

With this, five officials have been dismissed and two have resigned, following the departure of Tatiana Clotheer from the Federal Agency.

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Two of these workers are assigned to the Professional Employment Service of the Federal Public Administration, so that they can submit reports to the state internal control body in accordance with the regulations.

Diplomats see the alarms. Kenneth Smith, former head of technical negotiations at T-MEC, emphasized that the change of interlocutors at the technical level in the framework of consultations on the issue of energy and electricity, sends a bad signal to the US government.

“This change in interlocutors at a technical level sends a bad signal to the United States, regarding Mexico’s position in these negotiations.

“Similarly, what will be, above all, the position of the United States on this change in interlocutors and the possibility of a hardening of the position of the Government of Mexico,” Smith explained at the time.

Poinrostro became head of the Ministry of Economy, after the resignation of Tatiana Clotheer, who left the institution in full expansion of consultations between Mexico, Canada and the United States on energy and electricity issues.

In this regard, the former Mexican ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarokhan, stressed on his Twitter account that the truth “is very worrying and should sound all the alarms in Mexico and Washington.”

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