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The presence of the basketball star of the United States, Former Basketball Salta and current El TrebonoAnd the Eric Freemanto request $45,000 reward, Transfer all Salta.

His economic news, like many other Argentines, is tough and the basketball player explained that he currently lives with his partner from Salta.

The 43-year-old has asked for help with 45,000 pesos, as they have had no income since last year, when he sustained an Achilles tendon injury.

“I have been in Argentina for a long time. I have an Argentine document. I do not have a job and live with my partner. I am 43 years old and have been in the country for more than 10 years”It was Freeman’s first words that put his complicated situation into context.

The athlete submitted the corresponding waiting list for $45,000 which will be awarded in two payments of $22,500 during November and December.

In turn, the athlete from El Tribuno noted that he “has no income” and his partner “helps him a lot” in financial terms.

The man stated that for a year he had an injury to his Achilles heel and because of the inconvenience he could not work.

“I live with my partner and he has a job,” said the basketball player who mentioned that his partner is from Salta.

“On Monday at five in the morning I got to the line. It wasn’t possible on Monday and on Tuesday I went again with the number 12. I went in and it was my turn.”

“I have my family that I haven’t visited for 5 years, because they have their lives and things and they help me in any way they can,” he explained.

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Eric Freeman has stated that he loves basketball, but may look for another job after his recovery.

“I hope to get the team next year,” he said happily.

Finally, he confirmed that he has many friends throughout the province and that he is happy to live in Argentina.

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